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Noisy Max and Noisy Or
Neither deterministic nor probabilistic works. I cannot even generate probability distribution using Normal distribution. I am also wondering why BayesiaLab does not have Truncated Normal distribution. 
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Noisy Max and Noisy Or
Hi Mark,

Thanks for your quick response. I fully understand the theory of NoisyOR function. I am keep getting error when I define the NoisyOR formula.

In my case study, heart attack is the symptom and there are several causes (parents) to the heart attack but for simplification I considered only two: poor diet and lack of exercise. So, heart attack is conditioned on poor diet and lack of exercise. All three variables have two states (False and True). The prior probabilities of poor diet and lack of exercise are both known. I am trying to use NoisyOR function to determine the probability of heart attack. 
In NoisyOR tutorial that is available on BayesiaLab website, the formula is like below:

NoisyOr(?N3?, 0.1, ?N1?, 0.8, ?N2?, 0.6)    N3 is syptomes (heart attack in this case), N1 and N2 can be thought as lack of exercise and poor diet. The software asks me to specify the state of N3 (heart attack). Please see screenshot below or attached file. I must specify True. The software does not accept ?heart attack?

In facts instead of N3 I should specify either False or True state of symptoms. I am not sure hopw tutorial used N3 because software does not allow to chose the symptoms. I can chose the dependent variables (N1, and N2) and insert their probabilities). I am confused how to write the formula. Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much! 


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Noisy Max and Noisy Or

I am trying to use noisyOR function. I understand p1, p2, ...,pn are the probabilities of parents node but what is S?
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