In order to reset your license, you first have to uninstall BayesiaLab from the current computer system.You need to be logged in to your computer with Administrator rights (or select "Run as administrator" for Windows users).Run the BayesiaLab uninstallation program (e.g. C:\Program Files\Bayesia\unins000.exe for Windows users, Applications/BayesiaLab/Uninstall.command for Mac users).

Select "Remove the activation key"

If your are connected to Internet, choose Automatic process to uninstall the program. This will automatically send the uninstallation key to Bayesia License Server and reset your license.


If you are not connected to Internet, choose Manual process to uninstall the program and get your uninstallation key:uninstallationReset2.png 

You need to send this key to Bayesia License Server in order to reset your license. This can be done either by Clicking on the link to access Bayesia License Server
Sending us your uninstallation key by email or phone

Once your license reset, you are ready to install BayesiaLab a new computer.
As a security measure, you may uninstall BayesiaLab no more than twice per year.
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Hi,I wasn't asked to remove the activation key. So I still have the evaluation copy being opened after installation of the BLS version. Please advise.Thank you.
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The resetting procedure described in this topic is for Single-User Single-Machine license only.You were not asked to remove the activation key as you are using a floating license. The validation of the access to BayesiaLab is done via a connection to BayesiaLicenseServer, not via an activation key.Hope this helps,-Dan
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