In the Function Node example the documentation uses the visitasia.xbl. The Risk Node created, according to the documentation here reads as 
  • Risk quantifies the risk based on the current marginal probabilities of these diseases: Sum(2*MeanValue(?Tuberculosis?),4*MeanValue(?Cancer?),MeanValue(?Bronchitis?)/10)

Where does this 2* 4* and /10 come from?
Why would we multiply the Tb MeanValue by 2, the Cancer MeanValue by 4 and divide the Bronchitis MeanValue by 10?

Is this an example of the domain expert stepping in and saying the probabiltiy of cancer is 4 times lower, of Tb 2 times lower and Bronchitis 10 times higher?

Thank you,
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These coefficients are just illustrative. This is an example where the expert creates a risk index based on the probability of these 3 diseases (since we have associated 1 with "True", and 0 with "False", the MeanValue() function allows us to obtain the probability value of the state "True")

Hope this clarifies
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Thank you for taking the time! That is the confirmation I was looking for. 
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