Upon completion of the download, simply execute the downloaded file. Administrator rights are required for the installation.The installer program will first prompt you for the language.installation.png Upon language selection, the BayesiaLab Setup Wizard will start:installation1.png Click next to proceed to the License Agreement.installation2.png After accepting the agreement, the next screen will prompt you to select an installation directory.installation3.png Windows users can also choose the Start Menu folder, from which BayesiaLab can be started.installation4.png The next screen confirms the selections and allows you to start the actual installation process.installation5.png Upon completion, the Wizard presents this screen.installation6.png This concludes the installation of files, however, you will still need to activate BayesiaLab. To do so, you want to proceed and launch BayesiaLab straight away, while you have all the credentials at hand.
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