Hi,I'm trying to extract a network after using Tools>Cross Validation>Arc Confidence>Jacknife. However, the generated network does not produce any new connections from the initial network. Perhaps I'm not considering some step in between. For example, if I start from a fully unconnected network and apply the algorithm which produces several potential connections with their frequencies, the result after the extraction is a fully unconnected network which is not correct. For the extraction I tried different thresholds as well. I would be very grateful if you could provide further explanation regarding this option. Regards,Guido
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Hi Guido,In BayesiaLab 5.4.3, the network extraction tool only allows to extract the arcs that have a positive frequency. A positive frequency corresponds to a link that was present in your initial network. A negative frequency corresponds to a link found while cross-validating, but that was not present in the initial network. If you start with the fully unconnected network, all the frequencies are negative and therefore no arc can be extracted.Note that BayesiaLab 6 will allow to extend the extraction to negative frequencies.Hope this helps,Dan
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