Upon starting BayesiaLab, you will be prompted for the “New Client Identifier”, which is the same as the Client ID/Customer ID (Format: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) that you received by email (see Account Information).activationSUSM.png 

Upon entering the Client ID/Customer ID, you will have the choice of an automatic or manual activation process. For most users, the automatic route will be simpler, but some configurations, e.g. firewalls, may prevent this process, in which case the manual activation becomes necessary. We will illustrate both here.

Automatic Activation:


Simply click OK in the activation screen and your local installation will communicate with the Bayesia License Server to validate your license. If everything is OK, BayesiaLab will start up immediately.



Manual Activation:Is case the automatic activation is not possible, for instance when your workstation is not directly connected to the Internet for security reasons, check the box for Manual Process and click OK.


The following screen will prompt you to perform the activation via the Bayesia website, from where you can obtain the Activation Key.


Please note that you do not yet have this Activation Key anywhere and that you would not have received it by email. Follow the link shown on the screen and your Client ID/Customer ID and Product Code will be transmitted to the Bayesia website. Before you enter anything into the fields on the Bayesia website, go to the email with your credential information (BayesiaLab Download & Activation Instructions). In addition to the Client Identifier and the Product Code, you will also require the Activation Password from this email. For reference, here is an example of what the initial email with all the credentials looks like.activationSUSM6.png 

Upon entering the Activation Password (from your email) click validate. activationSUSM7.png 
Upon clicking Activate, the next page will present you with the Activation Key.activationSUSM8.png 

Now copy and paste the License Key from the Bayesia website into the manual activation window, which should still be open.

Click OK and BayesiaLab will start.Under Windows, BayesiaLab's start-up screen is black.activationSUSM10.png

On Mac OS X, BayesiaLab's start-up screen is blue.activationSUSM11.png
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