Upon starting BayesiaLab, you will be prompted to enter your User Name and Password for connecting to the Bayesia License Server.Please note that the User Name and Password for connecting to the BayesiaLab License Server are different from your download credentials.activationToken.png For the Floating License to work, your computer must be able to connect to and remain connected with If you enter your credentials and there is no response from the login window, this mean that BayesiaLab could not connect with the Bayesia License Server (BLS). Please open a web browser and go to and check whether you can access this URL.activationToken1.png If you are able to get the BLS' Login page, but are still unable to get a response from the login window, you most likely have a problem with your Firewall. Please ask your IT administrator to define an outbound rule that will specifically allow BayesiaLab to communicate with the Bayesia License Server at address For instance, if you had BayesiaLab installed in the C:\Program Files\Bayesia directory, your IT administrator would need establish an outbound rule for C:\Program Files\Bayesia\BayesiaLab\jre1.6\bin\javaw.exe (see screenshot below from a Windows Server 2008 installation).activationToken2.png Upon connecting successfully, BayesiaLab will start up.activationToken3.png Under Windows, BayesiaLab's start-up screen is black.activationToken4.png On Mac OS X, BayesiaLab's start-up screen is blue.activationToken5.png 
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